Expert Testimony

At Pacific Valuation & Forensics, LLC we view our job as expert witnesses to communicate and to convince. We recognize that the methods used to develop our opinions are not common knowledge to judges, juries and even the attorneys that retain us. Our goal is to “demystify” our methods and to change “black box analysis” into a logical and understandable approach. Complex economic, accounting and statistical theories need to be presented in terms readily understandable by our audience. We are also aware of the dangers of attempting to “overreach” in testifying regarding our opinions.

We believe that an honest approach to issues and supportable conclusions are crucial in establishing your case. While we cannot guarantee a result in litigation we can guarantee that your case will receive our full and complete attention and will be completed in a timely manner. Our goal is to translate the technical content of a complex financial matter into a focused point before the trier of fact. We also work closely with counsel to identify the strengths and weaknesses of opposing counsel’s experts.

Pacific Valuation & Forensics, LLC can also be appointed directly by the Court to provide expert witness testimony including serving as a Referee.